Physicians at Avalon Clinic

Dr. Najma Jamil

Dr. Malik Awan

Dr. Farzin Kasmaiefar

Dr. Shazaad Ali

Dr. Arshviny Ollegasagrem

Clinic Acupuncturist and MediSpa Specialist

Ahmad Buzdar  - Cosmetic Treatment Specialist

Nahid Mobini - Acupuncturist

Physicians at Avalon Specialists on 8th

Dr. Shams Fakhir - Pediatrician)

Dr. Majid Niaz - Internist / Cardiologist

Doctors, we have what you are looking for in a clinic

Avalon clinic is working towards creating a shared care environment whish is to have Speiciaists treating patients alongside the Family Doctors. Avalon clinic is a General Practice / Walk-in clinic with a varied practice including everything from Obstetrics, women's health and international medicine caring for many patients from around the globe with various backgrounds and health needs, ECG and minor emergency/procedure room. We also have a MediSpa for cosmetic and medical treatments offering Laser offering Laser, Botox and Fillers.

We offer a very competitive split and our goal is to help you reach your potential as a Physician, both with building your practice and gaining financial success.

What else can you expect from Avalon Clinic?

-          Flexible work schedule

-          Electronic Medical Records / Lab Results

-          Instant Onsite IT Support

-          Very busy residential area with two schools within walking distance

-          Part of a very busy mall with a Pharmacy a few doors down

The aim of AMC is to create an integrated health centre to improve patient care while providing a comfortable and flexible work environment for physicians and staff.